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Message from the CEO

Tetsuya Shoji President and CEO of NTT Communications Corp.

In 2016, the NTT Communications Group will further enhance the reliability of its services for the existing businesses of enterprises and will launch all-new services that enable enterprises to unleash their innovation for new-business creation. In particular, we will assist enterprises agilely and thoroughly in their digital transformations, working as their ICT partner to help them achieve advanced use of the cloud, the IoT and big data.


Digital transformation is the next stage of the evolutionary process that began with digitization and then expanded to ICT. It is a dynamic concept for leveraging advanced digital technology to help enterprises innovate new businesses. It will also help enterprises become more competitive by rapidly transforming through IoT, artificial intelligence and big data, which they will use for global-scale analytics in the emerging era of massive information digitization and storage.


NTT Communications Group will assist customers' digital transformations by meeting their needs flexibly and agilely, providing them with advanced ICT infrastructures and the services required to manage these infrastructures seamlessly. Some of the many ways we expect digital transformation to favorably impact key business processes include:

  • Optimized global production by securely collecting operational-status data from production facilities worldwide;
  • E-commerce websites and delivery formation, created for emerging markets in a single day, enabling enterprises to launch business immediately after receiving governmental approval;
  • More responsive logistics by seamlessly combining and analyzing customer data in on-premises servers and inventory data in the cloud; and
  • Enhanced user experiences by facilitating hackathon events where programmers and other experts rapidly develop innovative new applications.

Furthermore, these and other key business processes will work together seamlessly, allowing enterprises to strengthen their competitiveness.

In this year, NTT Communications Group is committed to offering global ICT infrastructure and services that will enable customers to achieve their digital transformations.


Tetsuya Shoji
President & CEO
NTT Communications Corporation

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